Kale & Bleach

Drinking bleach is dangerous but eating kale is healthy, so we mixed kale with bleach and the results were amazing!

“This kale tastes like acid. Literally, my stomach and throat are burning, but I don’t mind because it’s so good for me.”

“The kale is making my tongue bleed. Wow. Kale is incredible.”

“I’m going to vomit. But if I’m vomiting kale it seems okay.”

“The vitamin B in this bleach soaked kale is going to be great for my brain development.”

“Alpha-linolenic acid and chlorine together in one meal, are you kidding me? I’m hooked.”

“I never would have thought about drinking bleach until now. Thank you.”

“This might kill me but at least I’ll die healthy.”

There you have it. Kale is the wonder plant that can make anything great, even bleach!