"Hello, my name is Fred Pickle."

One of the best things about writing is the freedom to make everything up, to create an entire world out of thin air. I can invent places, things, events and most importantly people. Coming up with a character and giving them a name is one of my favorite things about writing. A character’s name can say so much about who they are.  So here is a list of my top twenty made-up character names and their occupations.

1.       Scott Scotterson – Writer for Film and Television

2.       Bob Appotocoffee – Mattress Salesman

3.       Randy Dong – Pest Control Expert

4.       Gooch – A magical dancing pony

5.       Mary Anne Jillyjabber – Corporate Procurement Administrative Assistant

6.       Tommy Walker-Walker – Retail Salesman

7.       Gil Gilmartin – Professional Olive Taster

8.       Richard Meat – IT Security

9.       Barbara Twinkleshot – Human Resources Manager

10.   Lord Robin the Dragon and Destructor of All – Professional Dragon

11.   Shelly Gravy – Talent Agent

12.   Rasor Sharp – TV Network Vice President

13.   Gary Vinegar – Corporate Drone

14.   Fred Pickle – Owner of Piggy Pigs Grocery Store

15.   Creighton Barrel – Trust Fund Baby

16.   Gerald Serengeti – International Sales

17.   Dan Potsnpans – Unemployed Chef

18.   Dirk Sprinkle – Owner of Highway Pancakes Road-Kill Removal Company

19.   Amy Thundercloud – Gymnastics Broker

20.   Flappington “Flappy” Meat – Traveling Sock Puppet Salesman

What’s your favorite made up name and what do they do?