Quit Pumpkin with The Pumpkin Patch!

Do you feel like your addiction to pumpkin is out of control? Have you tried to quit before, but found yourself returning to the sweet flesh of the orange mistress? Are you ready to quit for good? Well now you can, with Squash-Arrest, a revolutionary new way to finally quit Pumpkin and start living again!

The Feeling of No Escape

“I had a twelve pumpkin a day habit. I couldn’t go ten minutes without stuffing my face full of pumpkin. I weighed five hundred pounds.” – Rick from Ottawa

“Every night when I would get home, the kids would be screaming, my unemployed husband would be sitting on the couch in his boxers, playing video games and the toilet was clogged. I had to have a couple of pumpkins before I could even walk in the house.” – Janet from Buxberry

“If I didn’t get my pumpkin break at work I became irritable and very hard to work with.” – Blaine from Fresno

Pumpkin addiction is one of the worst addictions out there. It can make you feel powerless and small. But with Squash-Arrest there is finally a way to get rid of the cravings for good.

A Better Way to Quit

You’ve seen all of the gimmicks out there: Hypnosis, Cold Turkey, Smoking. None of these work. They are hard and often leave you with the feeling of failure and disappointment.

“I tried the hypnosis thing, but all it did was convince me that I was a prancing pony. I never should have volunteered at that hypnosis comedy show.” – Bill from Harpersport

“I tried cold turkey but then I got addicted to cold turkey and pumpkin!” – Leah from Des Moines

“My friend suggested smoking instead of pumpkin. I tried it and quit almost immediately. Smoking is disgusting!” – Julie from Pittsburgh

How Does it Work?

Squash-Arrest is a simple patch that you place over your mouth to help quell the dangerous cravings that come from pumpkin addiction. Two small holes on the side allow air in, but keep pumpkin out. Squash-Arrest is a tiered system. As you slowly break the stranglehold of pumpkin addiction, the holes in the patch become bigger and bigger. By week nine you’ll be eating solid food again.


“I used to drink eighteen pumpkin beers a day, now, thanks to Squash Arrest I just drink eighteen beers a day. It saved my life.” – Doug from Las Vegas

“I may have a horrible rash on my face, but my pumpkin cravings are gone. Squash-Arrest, you’re the best!” – Gina from Ft. Lauderdale

“Squash-Arrest is the only good decision I’ve ever made.” – Janet from Buxberry

“I can once again go to pumpkin patches, enjoy spiced latte’s without feeling ashamed and watch It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, without gorging myself on the Devil’s jack-o-lantern. I have my life back. I just wish I had friends to share it with.” – Lester from London

Squash-Arrest is available in hardware stores next to the duct tape.