Uninspiring Quotes, from Uninspiring People

Life can be awesome and sometimes we can find ourselves flying high with inspiration, so here are a few uninspiring quotes, from absolute nobodies, to bring you down.

Aim Low.
— Paul Antler, Motivational Speaker
Love exists at the intersection of Friday night and free Internet porn.
— Bill Chumper, Model Train Enthusiast
Maybe it’ll go away.
— Lisa Greene, Unlicensed Dermatologist
When the toilet gets clogged, the clog stays in the toilet.
— Ricky Tubtucker, Unemployed Candle Wax Melter
Life is an educational board game; nobody wants to play and there’s a lot of math.
— Sandra Moron-Stewpits, Office Drone
Do one hard thing each day, but don’t try too hard, in fact, do something easy, do one easy thing each day.
— Tina Amber Kelly, Former Miss Public Works
I quit!
— Rod Bubblydoo, Elementary School Janitor
Go outside, feel the sun, listen to the birds, let the breeze caress your skin. Try to love, try to try, you can never die. These are shitty lyrics I threw in the trash.
— Gina, Aspiring Pop Star
While the loudest may get the most attention, nothing can clear a room, like the silent but deadly fart.
— Gary DeGary, Supermarket Manager