Remembering Holiday Remembrances

Dear Easy Reader:

Each year, Easy Chair Quarterly, the literary journal that brings you the easier side of life, asks its faithful readers to submit stories of their most heart-warming and cherished memories of the Holidays. This year we received over thirty-five wonderful memories. We read almost all of them and had a tough time picking our favorites. Here are seven of the best Holiday memories, as submitted by you, our readers.

Happy Holidays,

Dan Hotchocolatebyacracklingfire

Editor, Easy Chair Quarterly

I remember one year, I surprised my family on Christmas morning. Nobody expected me and the looks of total shock on their faces said it all. I was able to spend all morning with them before the SWAT Team surrounded the house and took me back to jail.

-          Rick Johansen – CA State Prison System

When I was twenty-two I became pregnant with my son right around the Holidays. I remember walking with my husband, hand in hand, down a snow-covered lane. It was pure holiday magic. As fresh snowflakes fell, like tiny cold marshmallows, I told my husband that my boyfriend had gotten me pregnant.

-          Sarah Turley – Los Angeles, CA

I remember this one year, it must have been about ten years ago, my daughter, Emily, she was six at the time, asked me if Santa was real. I told her he was and that I could prove it. I never proved it. I just told her I would.

-          Bill Dumper – Rockingham, MA

For me the Holidays are about giving. Last year, I gave everyone in my family the Norovirus.

-          Lanny Butts – Tallahassee, FL

My boss was always a huge Scrooge around the Holidays. He never gave out bonuses and we always had to work late, even on Christmas Eve! Two years-ago, I slipped some LSD into his coffee and he freaked out. He thought he was being visited by ghosts and decided to give us all a bonus and we got to go home early on Christmas Eve. What a miracle!

-          Bob Cratchit – London

Each year around the Holidays, I like to dress as Santa and hand out cash to those in need. I remember one year, my daughter caught me as I was slipping out the front door to make my deliveries. She was so excited to see Santa. I told her Santa was just leaving to go back to the North Pole, which wasn’t a lie; The North Pole is the twenty-four-hour strip club in my neighborhood. That was twenty years ago; I still go there to this day, but not on the nights my daughter works, that would be creepy.

-          Josh Scumson – New York, NY

 I’m ninety-nine years old, I remember, a long time ago, when I was just nineteen, I was in love with this girl named Susan Suzanne. She was the prettiest girl in the neighborhood. I wanted to tell her how I felt, but I was too shy, so I wrote her a letter. I poured my heart out. I told her everything I was feeling. I held nothing back. I was so nervous the day I dropped it in the mailbox. I waited every day for a week, outside her house, hiding in a tree to watch my letter get delivered. When it finally did, I watched Susan read my letter and smile. I knew she felt the same. Too bad that’s when she noticed me hiding in the tree. This really creeped her out and she never spoke to me again.

-          Livermore Swenson – St. Paul, MN