Stupidity Profile Results

Thank you for being a participant in the World Stupidity Project, your stupidity profile is below.

Your DNA, social security number, bank account number and passwords, times you wouldn’t be at home, copy of your house key and a check for five thousand dollars that you provided, were used to put together a complete profile of just how stupid you are. Our scientists also researched thousands of Online videos and found several examples, like the one where you stuck your tongue on a frozen metal pole, to help bring into focus the many facets of your stupidity.

You are:

55% Stupid

22% Moron

12% Idiot

6% Dumbass

4% Shit for Brains

1% Smart

Where Did You Get It From?

You received forty seven percent of your stupidity from your biological father, ten percent from your biological mother and the remaining forty three percent from external factors such as falling asleep in school, eating worms and smoking oregano.

Stupidity Subsets:

Your stupidity reveals the following subsets of stupid.

42% Stick a fork in an electrical outlet

26% Get an Art degree

15% Check to see if a gun is loaded by looking down the barrel

8% Eat Boogers

5% Pet a Lion

4% Tie Your Own Shoes Together

Where are you in the World of Stupid?

85% of the world is as stupid as you are.  

99% of the world is expected to have a longer life expectancy than you.

100% of the 85% understand 0% of this profile.


In order to access your conclusions please send another five thousand dollars.