Fall Home Decorating with Tiffany Griffany

Interior Designer Tiffany Griffany, star of Quick Design on a Dime, and author of the bestselling books, Decorating with Fudge, Tiff’s Tips & Tricks for Decorating Your Car and These Walls Need a Picture: An in Depth Journey Into My First Colonoscopy, is ready to give you her amazing tips to transform every room in your home, from boring, dull and antiseptic into warm, inviting and magical Fall inspired spaces.

The Kitchen

Fall is all about the smells! Every time I catch a whiff of hot apple pie or the decay of dead, wet leaves in mud, I know that Fall is here. Start by having a pie cooking in your oven twenty-four hours a day until the end of the season. It doesn’t matter what kind of pie, it can be apple, cherry or beaver meat, as long as something smelly is cooking! Sprinkle a nice layer of dead leaves on your floor to get that authentic smell of Fall decay. For an added bit of Fall ambiance, allow birds to make nests in your cupboards.

Tiff’s Quick Tip #1: I always have a dime bag of cinnamon lying around in case I need a little bump to keep me going through those long hours of cooking!

The Living Room

When summer ends it marks the time of hibernation for many animals like bear, deer and jackalope. As they retire to their comfy living rooms so should you. Find a large tree, preferably a twisted and gnarled oak or a pine. Cut it down, hollow out the stump and set it in your living room. This creates a focal point. Crawl inside. This is classic Fall comfort. Take strips of bark and glue them to the walls. Finish the tree theme by inviting an environmental activist to live in your “Tree Room”. Have them refuse to leave until you promise not to chop the tree down.

Tiff’s Quick Tip #2: For a short jolt of energy, rub some cinnamon on your gums. Oh that’s the stuff! Mama likes.

The Bathroom

I always enjoy defecating outdoors, but as cooler Fall weather approaches, sometimes it’s just too darn cold to roll a chocolate log outside. Transforming your bathroom into a quaint Fall poo den is easier than it looks. Remove your toilet and replace it with a nice log. Knock out the sink and add a small pond, filled with tepid Fall water. Fill the room with beetles and spiders to really get that, taking a dump outdoors, feeling.

Tiff’s Quick Tip #3: It’s never fun to run out of cinnamon. In a pinch, try licking the bag.

The Bedroom/Sex Dungeon

Nothing says Fall like some seriously dangerous and high risk love making and your decorating should be no different! Fill your closet with coyotes and wolves. Remove the roof to allow a nice layer of frost to form on your bed each morning. Swap out your leather sex swing with a natural one made out of rose bush stems. Each night the howls from your bedroom will tell the neighborhood that Fall is here!

Tiff’s Quick Tip #4: Cinnamon is not addictive. No way! DoesitsoundlikethisisaddictiveIdon’tthinksoI’mgoingtogocleanthegarage!

Do you have any favorite Fall decorating tips not mentioned in this article? Share them in the comments section. Look for Tiff’s next book, Decorating for Dummies, Idiots, Morons and Dumbasses, due out at the end of the year!