5 Tricks to Remember Names

We’ve all had it happen before; that moment where you meet someone for the first time, they shake your hand and tell you their name is Ron, then thirty seconds later you forget his name and that ___(what was his name?) even exists. Well, not anymore. Here are five handy tricks that are guaranteed to help you remember names.

1.       The moment you meet someone, get out your phone, open your Facebook app and update it, as being in a relationship with that person.

2.       Sing Hey Jude, but replace Jude with the person’s name you just met, unless of course you just met someone named Jude then replacing their name in the song won’t help and you’ll probably forget it.

3.       Twist your body into the shape of that person’s name.

4.       Ask them to give a definition of their name, what part of speech it comes from, use it in a sentence, the language of origin, any alternate pronunciations, it’s root word and finally ask them to spell it. If they misspell their name you don’t have to remember it.

5.       Realize that remembering a name is just too hard and that referring to them as, Hey You, Hey There, There He/She Is, or just pointing at them, will totally suffice.