Woman Returns Home to Find Her Trash Stinks

On Friday evening Janet Plummer, a vice president of marketing for a local popsicle company, returned home from a long day at work to discover that there was a distinct smell, like that of the land fill on a hot summer day, inside of her house. She paused upon entering, taking a moment to sniff the aroma which burned her nose, caused her eyes to water and engaged her gag reflex. Upon closing the door, she crossed her living room, dropped her keys on the table and walked into the kitchen. Further sniffing led Janet to believe that it was in fact her trash that was probably the source of the offending odor. Once she opened the lid it was confirmed that her trash did in fact stink.

“I knew it was the trash the moment I walked in,” said Janet as she changed out of her stuffy work clothes and into a pair of loose fitting yoga pants and a comfortable t-shirt, “At first I thought something might have died in the wall, but that usually doesn’t happen until summer time when the rats come looking for places to nest. I knew I should have thrown out the trash a couple of days ago when my sister brought my nephew over to play.”

Two days prior, Janet’s sister, Melanie, a high-powered attorney with the city prosecutor’s office brought her young son Jimmy over to see his aunt. Jimmy is a happy rambunctious little toddler who enjoys playing with blocks and blowing up his diapers. Jimmy, whose diet consists of mushed up carrots and green beans, reportedly had multiple massive blowouts while playing in Janet’s living room. All five of the diapers were stuffed into what was at that time, an already filling trash can. “Yeah, looking back on it I should have taken the trash out then and there, but it’s such a long walk to the dumpster and really I was just so worn out from chasing Jimmy around that I just opened a bottle of chardonnay and watched The Bachelor for the rest of the night.”

As Janet re-entered the kitchen, making sure to breath in short gasps and only through her mouth, she recalled how prior to the diapers she had put an old Tupperware of salmon and kale leftovers in the trash, along with some uncooked hamburger meat, an open tin of sardines and some napkins she used to clean the spaces in between her toes.

“You know, now that I think about it, it has smelled like the dumpster behind the sushi restaurant for at least a couple of days. I’ve just been so busy doing things that I never got around to taking out the trash, besides, I don't want to take it out before it gets full. How dumb would that be?”

The final piece of putrid waste came the night prior when her boyfriend Donny Flippman spent the night. “Donny has really bad foot odor and his socks have a tendency to smell like rotten eggs. That might have been why I didn’t notice the trash smelling last night. I threw them out this morning before I closed all the windows and left for work.”

Two hours after arriving home Janet was snuggled up under a blanket watching an episode of Hawaii Five-O and drinking a glass of boxed wine. The trash was still in her kitchen and was nearly overflowing. “I think I’ll take it out in the morning,” mused Janet in between sips of her 2017 Cabernet, “besides I don’t really smell it anymore.”

Janet went to bed around eleven, closing all the windows and sealing in the horrible trash smell for another night. The next morning upon entering her apartment Donny barfed.