Cute, Funny and Heart-Warming Stories From Gender Reveal Parties

Gender reveal parties can be a momentous event. Surrounded by family and friends, you are about to reveal the gender to the whole world. Here are some cute, funny and heart-warming stories from gender reveal parties.

When I got pregnant I knew I had to do a gender reveal party. I invited my family, friends and a bunch of my co-workers. I was so excited! Everyone gathered in the living room and I jumped topless out of a huge cake. My completely exposed natural D cups told everyone there that I was a girl.

Samantha Racks - Green Bay, Wisconsin

My gender reveal party was a barbeque. I cooked a bunch of foot long hotdogs and placed them in blue and pink buns. When it came time to reveal, I had everyone grab a hot dog. I’ll never forget it, it was so funny, my friend Rick grabbed one of the hot dogs and said, “Hey I didn’t know twelve-inch hot dogs were circumcised!” That was the moment everyone knew I was a boy.

Gary Long – Sacramento, California

When I broke the news to my family that I was having twins, everyone wanted to know the gender. In front of everyone, I made love to a set of identical twins, on the grass in my front yard. It was pretty clear that they were both boys.

Hannah Feetvan – Miami, Florida

We rented an entire movie theater for our big reveal. Over one hundred and fifty people showed up expecting to see video of my wife’s ultra sound. Instead, they saw a graphic, high definition video of my latest prostate exam. Suddenly everyone knew I was a boy!

Marty Smokestack – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

It’s kind of funny, I was attending my friend Gina’s gender reveal party. Her and her husband Stan had a bunch of cupcakes made for the event. Inside it was either pink or blue. Right before the big reveal I masturbated all over the chips and revealed that I was a dude.

Tom Handy – Reno, Nevada

I did a vegan themed gender reveal party. All over the house I set up veggie trays and encouraged everyone to dig in. Eventually they realized that one of the veggie trays was really my vaggie tray and that I was a girl.

Yolanda Froyo – Austin, Texas

I got permission from my boss to have my reveal party at work. I made sure to grow my pubes super long, then I slowly shaved them off in the break room revealing my huge dong.

Brad Blanderson – St. Louis, Missouri

My husband is a sushi chef, so when I got pregnant and we wanted to do our gender reveal party I stripped naked and had my husband strategically place a bunch of sushi on my body. When my friend Jill snatched the last tuna roll from my shorn nether regions it was revealed that I was a girl.

Lydia Cartruck - New York City, New York

My wife Gina and I had been trying for almost two years. We did invitro, we went to so many different doctors, we took herbal supplements, we tried literally everything and nothing worked. Then finally the miracle happened and she got pregnant. We decided to throw a party to reveal the gender of this gift from God. We took the results of our gender test to a baker and had them make cupcakes. The insides would be either blue or pink. On the day of the party, everyone gathered in our living room and right before we all bit into our cupcakes my friend Tom starts jerking off all over the chips. He fucking ruined everything! Also, it turns out that the baker screwed up and just made regular white cupcakes.

Stan Tumpkin – Reno, Nevada