5 Quick Ways to Change the Subject

Let’s face it, nobody likes an awkward conversation, especially when the subjects of religion or politics are involved. When someone starts spouting their political or religious views, wouldn’t it be great if there was a simple and effective way to quickly steer the conversation towards something else? Well now there is! These techniques can be used in any situation and at any time.

1.       Start doing body weight squats while grunting loudly.

2.       Launch into a spicy, solo mambo routine, choreographed to Lou Bega’s smash nineties hit, Mambo No. 5.

3.       Begin making balloon animals.

4.       Take your shoelace, thread it through your nasal cavity and pull the end out of your mouth.

5.       Listen quietly, don’t interrupt, try to understand an opposing point of view, look for common ground in the discourse and offer a calm and reasoned rebuttal. Just kidding! Start rubbing yourself with hot clam chowder.