Is That a Sandwich on the Ground? Can I Eat It?

It happens, at one point or another, you’re walking down the street, feeling the warm sun on your back, whistling a happy tune, enjoying life, when you look down in the grass and see a sandwich on the ground and you wonder: Can I eat it? Well, maybe, maybe not, it all depends on your answers to these five simple questions. Stop, take a breath and ask yourself:

Am I Hungry?

Does the water-logged bread and half-chewed tomatoes, remind me of that time I made a sandwich at home and liked it?

Does the pile of dog excrement, tightly curled next to the thick slices of turkey, make me realize that I am lucky there’s still this much sandwich left on the ground?

Do the buzzing flies remind me that this sunbaked, rotting deli meat, was once a fully alive bird, with feathers and feet and that I am just one cog, in an infinite wheel, called the circle of life?

Do I think anyone is looking?

If you answered yes or no to any one of these questions, then you can absolutely eat that sandwich!