Unknown Zit Becomes Massive Popstar Virtually Overnight

In what was described by many as a meteoric rise of massive proportions, small, relatively unknown zit, Samantha Cheeks, became a gigantic, mega-popstar, virtually overnight. Located midway between the jawline and the cheek bone of teenager Julie Tuckerson, Samantha, who the day before, was simply a small red dot, easily covered by a little foundation, blossomed into a spectacle of pop stardom.

“Wow, I mean, I had no idea that Samantha was going to become so big,” said her friend Melinda Oily, a small pool of subdermal oil, “She just went from this small little zit to this gargantuan thing overnight. It was really incredible.”

Samantha’s rise from zit to popstar, began after an EO (Excess Oil) representative of a major pop label saw her at a talent show. The EO rep, Johnny Slick, who is responsible for signing several other mega popstars, such as Britney Whitehead, Justin Bleeder and the four-member, pop sensation, the Bacne Boys, knew he had found something special. “As soon as I saw her I just had this feeling that she would be huge! She already had a lot of material inside of her, it just needed to be nurtured along. That’s why I hooked her up with super producer, Gil Bacteria, who really helped her grow into the massive, impossible to miss, pop star she became.”

Gil Bacteria, the genius behind so many explosive pop stars, was thrilled to work with her. “Samantha had such an oily presence that I knew this was going to be something special. Very early on I saw the makings of something very big.”

By the morning, most of the moles, blemishes, skin tags and random hairs growing on Julie’s face got a good look at what Samantha had become. Even those living on Julie’s other cheek were about to know just how far Samantha’s reach would be. “My husband and I live on the far side of Julie’s face, almost under the earlobe,” said Wendy Blemish, an oblong shaped, pre-cancerous cluster of cells, “We had no idea Samantha even existed until we heard this scream and suddenly you couldn’t miss her. You couldn’t step outside the house without seeing signs of her pop stardom all over the place. It was crazy.”

“Samantha was suddenly everywhere,” said her mom, Rebecca Cheeks, a mild-mannered pool of oil, transferred to the cheek from Julie’s pointer finger a couple of weeks ago, “all over Julie’s face, the bathroom mirror, even as far down as the floor. Her father and I are so proud of her. I just hope all this attention doesn’t go to her whitehead.”

As the morning wore on, it appeared that Samantha’s pop was fading. Her second offering was little more than a trickle of blood, described by most critics as, severely lacking in puss and ejecta. After her third offering failed to even crack the makeup that covered it, her career, as fast as it had risen, was now dead.

“It was a good ride,” said Samantha, “I don’t regret anything, I would do it all over again if I could.”

A week later, in a desperate attempt to regain the fame that now eluded her, Samantha tried one last time to break out, but the results were disastrous, with one critic aptly describing her effort as nothing but a disgusting scab.