Summer Athlete's Foot Festival

This year the Summer Athlete’s Foot Festival will be held at the Fungus Fair Grounds located on the filth -riddled left foot of Fred Gumperson. Perfect for all ages, the event will take place all summer long and will feature games, rides, food, concerts and lots of fun! Below are some highlights of what to expect at this year’s event.

-          Lots and lots of athlete’s foot.

-          An interactive corn and bunion experience.

-          A blood blister kissing booth.

-          Nightly performances by the Toenail Fungus Dancers.

-          A food fair featuring shaved toenail ice and deep fried Twinkies.


In addition to all the fun and games this year’s festival will feature a dead skin climbing wall located on the dry, cracked heel, a brand new, hairy big toe maze and of course the Midway of Fun, featuring all of your favorite rides like Abscess, Gangrene, The Foot Drop and of course, The Stress Fracture!


There will be concerts every weekend with some of the best local and national acts!

6/3 – Swamp Foot and the Sweaty Socks

6/24 – The Nail Clippers

7/22 – The Podiatrists featuring Little Blister

8/12 – Gout

8/26 – Rolling Pumice Stones


Always family friendly, the festival will have so much to do for kids! Kids twelve and under can get a free plantar wart and there are tons of fun and exciting activities geared towards the younger generation!

Kid’s Highlights Include:

-          Hands on Diabetic Nerve Pain Discovery Center

-          Sweat Slide Water Park

-          Petting Zoo featuring exotic foot fungus

-          Calcaneal Spur Bounce House


-          Plan your trip with the festival’s Online foot map.

-          The worst foot smells are later in the day.

-          Park near the ankle and take the bus to the foot.

We look forward to seeing you at this year’s Athlete’s Foot Festival!