Summer Changes to Fall in front of Open Bedroom Window

In what is being described as the greatest moment of his life, local teenager Bobby Sullivan, while riding home, caught a glimpse of Summer changing into Fall right in front of her open bedroom window. The glimpse was said to last only a couple of seconds, but it was long enough to see everything that Summer had to offer and then some. Bobby rode directly to his clubhouse, located in a large oak tree in his backyard and excitedly told his friends all about it.

“At first, he wasn’t making any sense, he was just babbling,” said Ronny Wildbrook, Bobby’s best friend, “but then he calmed down and spit it out. He said he saw Summer changing right in front of her bedroom window. Summer! She’s only the hottest season in the neighborhood.”

All of the boys gathered round to hear Bobby describe how, as he rode past Summer’s house, he looked up at the exact moment Summer’s beach towel fell away, exposing two perfectly inflated beach balls and a six-pack sitting on a long flat stretch of beach. She reached up and pulled her brilliant yellow sunshine into a pony tail, then proceeded to turn towards the window offering Bobby a stunning view of her perfectly cut grass.

“This is why I’m absolutely in love with Summer,” said Bobby’s other friend Denny Teetybucket, “There just is nothing not to like about her. Bobby said that he couldn’t see much below her grass, but I bet her long summer days go all the way to the floor.”

As Bobby slowed his bike, Summer turned around and he got a look at what he described as, “The kind of buns that would be perfect for a Fourth of July BBQ.”  He also saw her warm evenings, sweet watermelons and carefree days of no homework.

As soon as it began, it was over.

“I looked back as I rode past and she was already wearing some colorful leaves. Her sunshine was a little overcast as well,” said Bobby, “I tell you what though, I might have only seen her changing for like five seconds, but it felt like three months.”