5 Things to Know Before Making Love in a Pile of Leaves

5 Things to Know Before Making Love in a Pile of Leaves

Now that August has changed to September and the leaves have begun changing color, it’s only a matter of time before people begin making love in large piles of dead leaves. As exciting as a romp with your lover in colorful, decaying plant material sounds, there are 5 things you should know before stripping down and making love in a pile of leaves.

1.       Who raked these leaves? Was it the college kid next door, or that guy from the landscaping service? They may be saving this pile for their own love making.

2.       What kind of leaves are these? Are these leaves from a Chamaecyparis or a Populas Tremula? Knowing the type of leaf you’ll be bumping uglies on can really effect your love making technique.

3.       Does a badger live in this pile of leaves? Knowing if a badger is waiting inside the pile of leaves is vitally important.

4.       Are there any leaf blowers nearby? Nothing is more embarrassing than being right in the middle of making love on a pile of leaves, on some random front yard, in the middle of the day, with the entire neighborhood watching, than someone firing up a leaf blower and ruining the fun.

5.       Would you consider a pile of freshly cut grass instead? Sometime the leaves just aren’t available. Knowing your options is very important.

Next time we’ll explore the five things to know before making love in a pile of snow.