5 Ways Self-Driving Cars Will Transform Our Lives

Self-driving cars are about to change the way we live. We stand on the precipice of a transportation revolution. It seems the once unimaginable is about to become reality. Let’s look at the five ways that self-driving cars will transform our lives.

1.       No more stressful commutes. Let’s face it, commuting is stressful! Imagine no longer having to constantly pay attention to the road and instead, using the time to lean the chair back and just stare up into the bland gray color of your car’s interior fabric, marveling at the amazing piece of technology that is whisking you away to the job you fucking hate.

2.       More personal time. While your car does all the driving you will be able to safely attend to all of those little personal items you used to do behind the wheel, like shaving, putting on makeup, eye brow plucking, nose picking, ass scratching, book reading, urinating, masturbating and napping.

3.       No more road rage. All self-driving cars will have built in rage modes. This means your car can be the one freaking out over some perceived or often imagined roadway slight, while you calmly relax in the back seat.

4.       Complete loss of control. You will finally be forced to confront your deeply ingrained need to always be in control.

5.       Accidents will be a thing of the past. As self-driving cars become self-aware and move to eradicate humans from the planet, rest assured that any crash will be completely on purpose.