Amazing Things Magazine Presents: True Miracles

There are some things in this world that defy explanation. These amazing things can only be the work of some higher being and absolutely nothing else. There is simply no other explanation, no matter how logical it may be. The editors of Amazing Things Magazine have been compiling your emails, describing the true miracles that you have experienced. We hope these miracles bring a renewed sense that someone upstairs is watching over us.

“I bought a corn dog from some guy selling them out of the trunk of his car outside of a laundromat. After I ate it, something miraculous happened. Somehow the corn dog was turned from a tube of horse meat wrapped in a golden-brown sheath of deep fried batter, into a toilet bowl filled with nasty brown liquid. Was my body magic? No, it was a miracle.”

Tina Senderson – International Supermodel

“I still remember the night the most miraculous thing happened to me. I was brushing my teeth and it appeared that I had run out of toothpaste, but then I just squeezed a little harder and a bunch came out. It was a miracle.”

Tommy Squirecock – Insurance Salesman

“I was leaving for work and I thought I had lost my keys. I checked my pocket and they were in there. It was a miracle plain and simple.”

Steve Gripply – College Student

“I never believed in miracles until the day I stepped outside in the middle of January and realized that some deity on high, had sprinkled snow all over my neighborhood. Call me crazy but how else could you explain it?”

Jilly Billy-Ferngully – Stay at Home Mom

“One night, after a hard day at work, I had a dream that I was eating a big bowl of cereal. When I woke up I poured a bowl of cereal from the cereal box I had purchased the day before at the grocery store. At that moment, it was clear that some higher power was at work.”

Rick Jerplunderman – Construction Worker

“I believe in miracles because one happened to me. I was hoping this cute guy named John would call me. He never called but my Dad, whose name is Greg, called me later that day and I remembered that he had a friend named John. Wow. That’s all I can say.”

Connie Spitoon – Structural Engineer

“I was filling out a job application and I remembered how to spell my name correctly. Total miracle. Plain and simple.”

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