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Imagine getting a haircut so good that it comes to life! What if your favorite family drama, turned into a raunchy, R rated comedy? Imagine you're a young earwig, about to spend an awesome summer day at the gutter. What if your daughter was dating a duck? Insane-O-Tron will take you on a wild ride through the absurd and surreal, with six of the craziest short stories you'll ever read. 


The title story, Insane-O-Tron, is about two best friends, one a man, the other his haircut, thrown into the middle of a plot to stop humans from ever existing. As they battle a lunatic scientist and his fast food employees, they attempt to travel back in time seventy two million years in order to save their future.

In The Family Family the former golden boy of TV comedy, Scott Scotterson, is tasked with reviving a failing TV show, by turning its family-themed plots, from wholesome and boring, into crude, over-the-top insanity.

Mallard Quackenbush explores the anxiety and paranoia of a father as his only daughter prepares to go on her first date with a duck.

Terry is the story of a small plastic pumpkin and his best friend Billy Skids. It's a tale of friendship, of bullies and the glory of Halloween.

In The Perfect Day, Ernie the earwig takes a summer's day trip to the warm, scum infested water of the gutter.

Brave Pony pits an awkward and socially outcast pony named Gooch against the deadliest threat Pony Land has ever known: a fire breathing dragon.

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