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Stories of highbrow farce gleefully doused in lowbrow hilarity
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A boldly inventive trip through one writer’s uniquely twisted mind
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Wow! Insane-O-Tron by Nick Alverson is just what the title says…Insane!
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I love short stories and these ones by Nick Alverson were some of the most fun, and totally original I’ve ever read! I love the author’s totally ‘out there’ sense of humor and the way he totally thought outside the box. Each story was different, but they all had the same sort of ‘bizarrely funny’ flavor and great characterizations. The writing is very lively and pulls you in. It is all fast paced and easy to read. The language is a bit salty, at times, but the editing is great. Oh and love the cover! If you want something different than the norm and have a sense of humor, you definitely want to give this one a shot. (5 stars) Carla Biggins– Indie Book Reviewers

 It’s always kind of hard for me to review short story collections because it’s not like I can rate each one and it’s plot/storyline individually, so I can just do an overall assessment about what I liked and didn’t like on the whole thing. I really enjoyed Nick Alverson’s voice and narrative. The editing was flawless. The stories were all very interesting, and unique in their own right. They were certainly different than anything I’ve read before, and I found myself chuckling and shaking my head as I went along. This is not for the easily offended or those who take their literature too seriously. It’s super weird (in a good way) and definitely entertains. For adults only. (4 stars) Kaylee Stevens– Indie Book Reviewers

 Haha, I loved this book – it was great! “Insane-O-Tron” by Nick Alverson is a collection of short stories that have something of almost everything – humour, sci-fi, fantasy, action, drama…. Writing good short-stories is difficult to master, telling a compelling and entertaining story in not only a short amount of time and space, but doing so where the reader actually gets something of value from it that they don’t get in longer novels of more depth. In this book, it was the entertaining and amusing ‘wtf’ factor (for lack of a better term) that kept me reading on and you want to keep reading more and more. Loved these stories, and even the ones I didn’t *really* love were still hilarious and well-written. Would definitely read more from this author in the future! Recommend for older readers (4-5 stars) Stacy Decker– Indie Book Reviewers

This was a fun read that I got through in the course of a night. I like short stories because I like being able to get through a whole story in one sitting even when I’m pressed for time. I intended to only read a few stories from “Insane-O-Tron” before heading to bed, but I found myself just wanting to read more. An interesting and eclectic collection, but all unified with strong, engaging writing an unique characters (to put it mildly) and a great sense of humor that borders on crude… and crosses right over! A nice, fun change of pace from what I’ve been reading lately and I can see this appealing to people who like “Adult Swim” and Comedy Channel type sense of humor. (4 stars) Anabella Johnson– Indie Book Reviewers

 “Insane-O-Tron” was hilariously twisted and weird – and I mean that as a compliment! There are half-a dozen short stories that comprise this book by Nick Alverson, and each are different in their own way. I think I liked “Mallard Quackenbush” the best, but they were all fun in a slightly off-kilter, almost surreal sort of way. Fun reading though, no doubt about it. Overall the pacing is pretty tight and the characters are lively and bring each story to life. Probably best suited for older readers as there is some mature language and moments – but nothing too wild. Like the energy the author manages to convey, and even though I’m not usually a fan of short stories (I just prefer longer ones to really sink my teeth into) Mr. Alverson might have converted me. These were terrific, and the perfect length to read in one sitting as I don’t have a lot of reading time. Will be looking for more books from him in the future. (4-5 stars) Claire Middleton– Indie Book Reviewers

 Wow, these were some of the most creative stories I’ve come across in a long time. I’m almost at a loss to even describe them as they are so totally random and strange – definitely will appeal to people with a certain type of sense of humor, while it may fall flat with others. Fortunately I’m in the former group and got a kick out of reading these short stories by Nick Alverson. At first I thought this book would be more geared towards a younger audience due to the title and the cover art… but it most definitely is not. But this is come of the most imaginative and entertaining reading I’ve come across lately, and I like how Nick Alverson took chances and wasn’t afraid to push the envelope with some strange, imaginative tales. Hope he writes more like this! Any book that makes me laugh out loud as many times as this one did definitely deserves 5-stars from me. (5 stars). Jenna Brewster – Indie Book Reviewers